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Our alliance with Intapp offers transformational capabilities and comprehensive solutions that address the unique needs of our shared clients in professional and legal services, private capital markets, investment banking, as well as corporate development and legal functions.

Intapp’s solutions cover business development and deal management, collaboration and content, risk and compliance as well as operations solutions tailored to the specific needs of these industries and professionals.

Whether it's optimizing client engagement or business development, enhancing risk management, or automating critical workflows, KPMG and Intapp jointly deliver the expertise and technology to drive meaningful change. Our alliance with Intapp enables us to harness the full potential of modern technology, including cloud computing, data analytics, and artificial intelligence, to deliver tailored solutions that drive industry-specific digital transformations for our clients. 

Our Joint Vertical-specific Capabilities & Solution Areas:

Professional & Legal Services

For legal and professional services, our combined capabilities enable partner-led firms to streamline their operations, improve client service delivery, and enhance profitability. With Intapp’s cutting-edge SaaS solutions and KPMG’s industry expertise, we empower professionals with modern work experiences and firm management solutions, leveraging actionable insights, scalable platforms, and the power of artificial intelligence.

Corporate Development

In corporate development functions, our alliance equips deal professionals with the tools needed to make data-driven strategic and investment decisions, streamline M&A processes, and drive value creation. Together with Intapp, we help corporate development functions and professionals to deliver exceptional value and drive their organizations’ strategic objectives efficiently and effectively.

Deals & Capital Markets

In the world of investment banking and private capital markets, our alliance offers solutions that enhance deal origination, execution, and post-transaction activities. Actionable insights from firmwide and third-party data are brought to the fingertips of deal professionals using industry-specific AI, tailored solutions, and the power of the cloud. With KPMG's financial expertise and Intapp's technology, we empower organizations to stay ahead in a competitive deal marketplace.

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