The Enterprise Solutions department at KPMG helps organizations keep up with rapidly changing market developments by deploying cloud platforms such as Microsoft, SAP and ServiceNow. An integrated IT landscape with the right solutions helps organizations make better and faster decisions, respond to market changes, improve customer retention and contribute to sustainable innovation. We can help you to identify the correct strategy, technology and implementation roadmap for your chosen solution, and support the business and technology transformation from A to Z. This includes implementing pre-built operational models and optimizing existing systems and tools. Together, we formulate a vision, then implement it, and subsequently examine how we can optimize the results. We are actively involved in the entire change process.

Determining strategy for deploying the right systems and tools

When making a change, it is important to make choices based on the organization's objectives and operational model. What does the organization need and which approach is appropriate? What does the architecture that meets all conditions look like, and what are the systems and tools that connect to it? The whole range of solutions is covered, from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to separate procurement solutions, and property management.

Implementing the right solutions

The decision regarding which solution to implement occurs after a strategy is chosen. Thanks to our unique Powered methodology, we know how to make this implementation as effective and efficient as possible. We maintain a keen eye on potential pitfalls that may arise, especially in the areas of inadequate change management, and understand the complexity of integrating various systems.

In addition to the time your organization will save with our Powered Enterprise approach, it also delivers several other benefits. Your transformation will get off to a quick start, you can validate pre-built operational models, and gain access to industry insights, applications and processes. Other benefits include key stakeholders’ involvement during the pre-configured solutions and technology benefits becoming tangible demonstrating how it can support your organization. The impact of the business change through every layer of the organization also becomes quickly visible. Moreover, the Powered methodology works for every department within the organization. So, in addition to IT, there is for example a Powered solution for FinanceMarketing, SalesRiskCyber SecurityHR and Supply Chain.  

Our implementation services are technology specific, discover more about each technology below.

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Migrating to SAP S/4HANA is a business issue

The question of whether you should migrate and, if so, when you should migrate is not that simple. Migrating to SAP S/4HANA is not solely an IT issue, but much more a business issue if the migration is not intricate. The cultural change within the organization resulting from the migration is much more complex. Are people ready for it? Is the migration widely supported? Do senior managers know how to convey the right message internally, and do stakeholders and end-users see the added value? We support our customers from start to finish in this process and put people first to help our customers undergo a successful transformation.

Getting value from SAP S/4HANA

We differentiate ourselves from other implementation partners in the Powered approach we take to a migration. With Powered Enterprise, the implementation of SAP S/4HANA is linked to the standardization and simplification of business processes. These are established based on leading practices within a specific sector. It focuses on achieving a balance between applying these leading practices and allowing specific customization for your organization. Using a predefined roadmap, we prepare the organization, along with all stakeholders, step-by-step for SAP S/4HANA.

This implementation methodology makes the results more predictable, reduces risks and creates better insights during the execution of SAP transformation projects; with focus on quality and implementation speed. In many cases with Powered Enterprise, the transformation is up to 25% faster.

The importance of business and system integrators

For an SAP S/4HANA migration and process optimization, we see our role as both business integrator and system integrator. The success of such projects depends not only on project managers but also on lower-level components such as scope, test, data, and cutover management. We therefore make a clear distinction between the business and system integrator roles. KPMG can fulfill both, but often, companies have us act as the business integrator while they manage the project as system integrator. In this arrangement, we’re asked to help with selecting the system integrator, as we are familiar with the market.

Our focus is on developing a strategy with the customer and aligning technology with business objectives, not the other way around. This approach helps organizations become more agile, flexible, and cost-efficient. SAP S/4HANA is an ideal option for achieving these goals.

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As customers become more dynamic and demanding, organizations face the challenge of being customer-centric while staying flexible and cost-efficient. Many companies are making significant investments in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to adapt to changing business conditions. This creates a need for Microsoft technologies like Dynamics 365, Power Platforms, and Azure.

Enabling Microsoft technology for an intelligent organization

The Microsoft platform enables the intelligent enterprise and operational excellence to:

  • Improve customer centricity and use technology to win, serve and retain customers
  • Increase operational excellence and the flexibility of business and IT
  • Support international expansion and work to One ERP/CRM standard
  • Migrate and/or consolidate legacy (end of life) ERP and CRM systems
  • Respond to risks and comply with regulations
  • Support the move from on-premise to the Azure Cloud
  • Improve the ERP landscape for cost efficiency and enable new tech innovation opportunities
  • Ensure real-time and reliable data insights to enable a data-driven mindset
  • Support new business models with new products and services


A solid Microsoft Platform in the Azure Cloud is the base to transform your organization into a more digital, insights-driven way of working. Supported by (highly) standardized processes and a modern ERP/CRM through the Power Platform, data and analytics.

The Microsoft cloud offers this comprehensive offering of connected industry-leading clouds to drive digital transformation. The Microsoft Cloud is at the core of KPMG’s Connected, Powered and Trusted portfolio.

Our expertise

To achieve operational excellence and an intelligent enterprise model, a solid Microsoft platform in the Azure Cloud is crucial. KPMG's multidisciplinary team of experts offers decades of experience with ERP and CRM processes, industry knowledge, and insights into the latest Microsoft applications. We provide independent advice, guide strategic issues, and support IT optimization, data-driven decisions, and cloud transformation.

Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations (ERP)

Transforming your business through ERP requires more than just a technical implementation. Neglecting other areas of the business can result in projects running over time and over budget. KPMG's Microsoft Dynamics ERP team specializes in a wide range of services, from strategic pre-studies to optimization trajectories and end-to-end implementations. Our multidisciplinary team and global network offer digital transformations supported by our powered enterprise approach including the actual setup and implementation of the Microsoft ERP cloud platform. We also offer ERP and Migration Strategy, Vendor Selection Trajectories, Business Integration Support, Quality Assurance (QA) Services and Assessments, and current ERP Optimizations. Contact us to learn more and schedule a tailor-made Microsoft Dynamics ERP inspiration session.

Microsoft Azure

Cloud services are essential in today’s world and businesses must work with IT to unleash their full potential. The KPMG Azure Cloud team are highly skilled professionals that can help you implement and utilize the Azure technology, on both a local and global scale. Our team focuses on Microsoft Cloud Technology and can assist you with:

  • Cloud migration and modernization using Azure services
  • Integrating applications using Azure integration services

From migrating and modernizing your applications in the Azure Cloud, to efficiently communicating between different infrastructures; our team can mitigate risks and guarantee your Azure journey is successful. Contact our experts today to request a tailor-made Azure Inspiration Session.

Dynamics 365 CE (CRM)

KPMG's Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution provides a 360-degree view of your customers and integrates processes across channels. Our team of experts offer strategy, integration, implementation, technical assessments and support. We help you create a holistic view of your customers with a single consolidated customer view across the entire lifecycle. Our team provides business integration support, technical and upgrade assessments, CRM and migration strategy. We offer tailor-made Microsoft CRM inspiration sessions to help you define your next steps.

Microsoft Power Platform

Make the most out of the Microsoft Power Platform—a low-code technology that allows you to develop and deliver reliable applications quickly and easily. Our experienced team can support you throughout the project lifecycle, from project initiation to implementation to customization and governance. We offer a range of services, including requirements and process reviews, gap analyses, solution blueprints and Power Platform health checks. If you're interested in learning more about the Power Platform, contact our experts for a tailor-made inspiration session.

Microsoft 365

Our modern workplace approach helps you embrace the entire workplace to drive sustainable value. We help you design a digitally connected enterprise that supports team engagement and productivity, no matter where team members are located.

Our transformation towards a smart workplace combines technology, operations, culture, and employee experience in a holistic approach focusing on cost efficiency, productivity and growth.

Microsoft transformation services

Cloud computing is popular, and organizations assess if their applications align with digital and strategic goals. This often leads to the initiation of transformation projects to optimize and implement business applications (such as an ERP or CRM, and apps or other solutions). These projects vary in complexity, and even simple solutions can pose challenges. Our team can support in the following ways:

  • Support in drafting and executing a Business Application strategy, defining the reasons and objectives for initiating a transformation project.
  • We can help create and implement a Business Application roadmap, specifying the pre-implementation activities.
  • For organizations with limited projects, a new approach may be needed during transformation projects. We can provide guidance and fill roles in program/project management and workflow management, such as testing, data migration, and quality.

If you want to keep a good observation on your transformation project, but doubt it’s possible due to the setup of your current project, extra attention should be given to reviewing quality. This allows areas of concern to emerge sooner, making adjustments possible. Our experienced experts can support you in this.

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KPMG and ServiceNow combine technology, industry expertise, and intelligent design to help businesses digitally transform. We offer solutions for IT Service Management, IT Business Management, IT Asset Management, Cybersecurity Operations, Governance, Risk and Compliance, HR Service Management, and Customer Service Management. KPMG is part of ServiceNow's highest partnership level. We help our clients reduce complexity and turn information into value. Let us support your digital transformation journey.

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In order for organizations to perform in an increasingly competitive environment, it is important to be flexible, fast, and efficient when seizing new opportunities, while also keeping the business running. Companies have no choice but to accept that business transformation is becoming a reoccurring topic for their growth strategy. Among all the aspects of this journey, the enterprise resource platform (ERP) selection, implementation, and evolution has an important impact on the company’s future performance.

Customers are looking for a technology that can be easily deployed, with a limited total cost of ownership, while giving the possibility to extend and adapt its use to future and unknown needs. Those requirements create a need for a solution like Odoo.

Odoo, the all-in-one platform to support your activity and accelerate your growth

Odoo is a Belgian ERP, with more than 80 applications, covering various business needs: from CRM to accounting, inventory and production, but also website/eCommerce, a HR suite (including a payroll application) and many more. All applications are natively integrated which offers a simplified IT architecture for companies by limiting the need for heavy and complex integrations between different software.

Designed to support companies’ operations at any stage of their existence, the system allows users to easily add the applications or functionalities that you may need at any time. As your business continues to grow, this enables consistency between what you have and what you’ll need.

KPMG to enable, secure, and accelerate your Odoo-based business transformation journey

A business transformation journey can’t be limited to only the implementation of an ERP. That’s something we have understood for a long time at KPMG, and we believe in our capacity to support our clients to succeed in these projects.

We recognize when engaging in a business transformation journey, it is necessary to consider the complete organization. To understand the impact of such change and to support the company during the transition to a new way of operating. That’s why we believe in our capacity to help our client by combining our expertise and experience in such projects, our knowledge of the leading industry practices, and our Odoo expertise, through four main steps for business transformation projects:

1. We challenge and inspire

Setting the foundations to ensure the clients’ path forward is well-informed, risk-managed, and aligned with the company’s goals.

2. We design and validate

Defining what will be done, what the client will get, the budget and timeline to position the business transformation project in the company’s priorities.

3. We implement and activate

Launching of the Odoo implementation and supporting the organization during this period of transition to secure project success.

4. We support and engage

Improving and extending the use of the system is necessary to ensure adequacy between the technology and the business challenges and opportunities the company will keep facing in the future.

Are you considering a business transformation project in your organization, or just curious and want to learn more about this alliance? Do not hesitate to reach out to our team of experts to see how we can help you.

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