We live in a world with so many unknowns, such as the unpredictability of current geopolitical tensions and evolving customer needs and expectations. Rules are constantly changing as a result of an ever-shifting regulatory and policy landscape. Against a backdrop of constant flux, organizations will need to embrace a balanced approach to risk and regulation to secure the confidence of their stakeholders, both internally and externally. Customers are making more informed decisions based on their values and, ultimately, want to do business with companies they trust.

Our Trusted Imperative is designed to reframe the way companies look at risk and regulation. Instead of focusing on passive, more reactive regulatory compliance, companies need to find strategic, proactive ways to build trust and generate value across their entire business ecosystem. The more confidence stakeholders have in your organization, the more freedom you have as a business leader to innovate and grow in a bold and sustainable way.

KPMG Connected Enterprise offers a sustainable, risk-optimized route to achieving customer centricity, from strategy through execution, which helps organizations achieve the following:

  • generate business value at every stage of the transformation journey
  • build an insights-driven, digital and customer-centric business
  • align and empower your workforce to perform in an agile organization
  • engineer secure architectures to enable agile, high-speed innovation.


Six elements of trust

To help earn and sustain the trust of your stakeholders, embed trustworthiness throughout your business.

KPMG’s six elements of trust



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