Customer centricity has been under the spotlight with shifts in focus caused by the pandemic coupled with increased customer and public attention on how brands interact and deliver for customers. More organisations in the Australian market realise their customers are assets to be nurtured and invested in. 

The Customer Experience Excellence (CEE) report has tracked Australian Consumers' experience with Australian and international brands across the Six Pillars of Customer Experience Excellence for the past four years. 

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Customer Experience Excellence Report 2021

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Six Pillars of Customer Experience Excellence

The Six Pillars of Customer Experience Excellence have consistently been shown to be the essential characteristics of world class experiences and are the prerequisites for customer economics and commercial success.

Shifting customer needs, changing expectations, continuously rapidly evolving technology and organisational fragmentation have created a significant level of complexity for companies.

With customers expecting more from organisations than before, organisations need to strive for excellence in all six pillars. We believe this trend will place increased pressure on organisations to identify where best to focus their investment and what initiatives to prioritise to improve customer experience.

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Historically, we've observed a trend of 'expectations transfer' as customers expect their best experience with a company to be replicated elsewhere. This has become more evident as new technologies, such as AI and machine learning, push the boundaries of what's possible. This is leading to an escalation in customer expectations.

Customer problem solving has moved beyond just fixing problems for its customers into a focus on customer lifetime problems, to extend a trusted relationship. In 2021, leading organisations have harnessed new technologies to foster better customer relationships by enhancing query handling and issue resolution.

Customers want to deal with companies that show they care and can tangibly demonstrate their customers are important. We are seeing organisations beginning to operationalise empathy; it is becoming a core competence in user experience design and improvement with anthropology and ethnography techniques informing experience designers.

Read more about the trends we're observing in the Customer Experience Excellence Report 2021 (PDF 4.5MB)

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