Message from our CEO


“KPMG Lower Gulf has embraced many of the global practices included in this series of thought leadership publications.  We take pride in some of the ground-breaking work we did as a firm in both assessing our own internal governance structures and adapting to what we believe is fit for purpose within the region, while remaining aligned with international leading practices. 

As an organization,  we are formalizing a program of constructive engagement with external stakeholders around industry-wide issues and emerging trends.  I hope that you enjoy reading our latest publications, and trust that you share my conviction that governance is an issue of heightened importance for every organization today.” 


About KPMG Board Leadership Centre


The KPMG Board Leadership Center has been designed to offer support and guidance to non-executive directors, whether managing a portfolio nonexecutive career or embarking on a first board appointment. Through KPMG’s Board Leadership Center, you will have access to our latest insights to help you be highly effective in your role.

The KPMG Board Leadership Center features an extensive range of insights. Drawing on insight from our interactions with directors and business leaders, we have highlighted issues to keep in mind as various committees within the board carry out their 2023 agendas.

We can also facilitate access to a global network of non-executives in over 40 countries. We can arrange exchanges with peers, either in person, or via video conference.

At your request, we will use our global reach to help you increase your international senior board community network.

Please reach out to us, we would be more than happy to work with you to facilitate any of these connections or share with you any further specific publications you might require.