KPMG professionals can assist y with a climate risk and decarbonization strategy.

KPMG professionals can assist with a climate risk and decarbonization strategy.

The number of companies committing to reach Net Zero (NZ) emissions and embarking on a pathway to decarbonize their operations and supply chain has increased rapidly in recent years.

Prioritizing climate goals in your business is not only about helping to avoid and mitigate risk, but also seizing opportunities and being at the forefront of the transformation to a net-zero world.

KPMG professionals can assist you with climate risk and decarbonization strategy that includes:

Climate risk advisory: We can help you measure, quantify and assess risks and opportunities across supply chains under a wide range of scenarios and understand the impact on business performance. Related services include climate risk stress testing.

Decarbonization pathways to net zero: We can help you gain strategic foresight and operational value in your decarbonization journey, from emissions measurement to implementation, monitoring, and reporting. The mapping of decarbonization pathways is intrinsically linked with the exploration of new and innovative technologies in the market that can accelerate your progress, leveraging energy efficiency measures, and alternative energy sourcing options within the ambit of legislation and regulation.

Low carbon financing and investment opportunities: We advise clients on the financing and investment aspects of the low carbon agenda, including fundraising and identifying investment partners and merger and acquisition opportunities. 

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