2024/2025 Budget Speech Highlights

The Honourable Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Ms Peggy O. Serame presented the 2024/2025 Budget Proposals to the National Assembly on 5 February 2024.


Budget Focus

The 2024/2025 budget builds on the second Transitional National Development Plan (TNDP) theme, “Towards a High-Income Economy: Transformation Now and Prosperity Tomorrow” and focuses on the following key priorities which are aimed at stimulating growth and creating job opportunities:

▪ Infrastructure Development and Spatial Planning

▪ Sustaining Livelihoods

▪ Agriculture Development

▪ Supporting the Private Sector through Business Environment Reforms and Value Chain      Development

▪ Research and Development

 ▪ Innovation and Digital Transformation

▪ Green Transition

▪ Education and Human Capital Development

▪ Tourism Development