Inclusion, Diversity & Equity (IDE) is a key pillar within any ESG framework. Your stakeholders – from shareholders to employees – are looking at your record on inclusion, diversity and social mobility when making decisions. And they’re looking beyond what’s needed to comply with legislative changes – for example, gender pay gap and ethnicity pay gap reporting. They want to work with businesses that demonstrate greater authenticity.

A commitment to IDE across the employee lifecycle, is important for the communities you operate in - and for your own organisation. Studies have shown that companies with culturally diverse teams are more profitable. Creating an inclusive environment leads to greater innovation and diverse teams get broader consumer understanding.

How we help you develop a more diverse and inclusive culture

At KPMG, we believe that IDE is fundamental to driving future success. We’ve successfully implemented world-leading and award-winning IDE programmes and policies within our own business. Drawing on this expertise, we can help you meet your own commitments and targets.

We bring together our vast experience in people consulting, employment law, data analytics and learning. And that enables us to help you deliver long-lasting cultural change – and retain and attract the best diverse talent.

  • Understand your current IDE position and identify opportunities. We help you analyse and uncover your current IDE maturity. And we’ll help you spot opportunities for quick wins and big impacts.
    Services include: Quick win assessment ∙ inclusion IQ diagnostic ∙ pay gap analysis ∙ benchmarking ∙ population modelling 
  • Engage your leadership team. We work with you to ensure your Board and senior executives are fully engaged with your IDE strategy – and that you have their full buy-in to your commitments.
    Services include: IDE strategy room ∙ exec training and engagement ∙ action planning ∙ target setting ∙ governance
  • Get support for your central IDE team. We can provide a managed service or resource to support you with time intensive activities.
    Services include: Data disclosure campaigns ∙ programme management ∙ reporting ∙ equal pay audits ∙ employee relations/dispute advisory 
  • Deliver your IDE strategy. We’ll help you increase your diversity and social equality, and embed an inclusive culture.
    Services include: Behavioural change ∙ learning programmes ∙ policy and process review
Our strategic insights and support will help you make progress regardless of where your organisation is on its IDE maturity journey. We tailor our offering with the support you need – whether you’re planning the launch of your first IDE programme or looking to ensure your existing programme is driving real impact.

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Some or all of the services described herein may not be permissible for KPMG audited entities and their affiliates or related entities.