Finding a mentor is one of the most powerful career and personal development practices an individual can make. The benefits of mentorship range from higher self-confidence and increased leadership skills to enhanced job satisfaction.

Because of this, we have launched a Cross Company Allyship Programme (CCAP) – a mentorship initiative bringing together mentors with mentees, with a focus on supporting those from black heritage and ethnic minority backgrounds.

How it works

CCAP pairs two individuals up; with each coupling having either a senior leader or a junior team member from KPMG as a mentor or a mentee respectively. The programme facilitates meetings between each pair over the course of a year through quarterly events, monthly catch-ups and career development discussions.

How can CCAP add value to your organisation?

CCAP allows organisations to offer guided mentoring and support for their colleagues at no cost. Mentors get the opportunity to build leadership, self-reflection and listening skills through mentoring someone outside of their organisation. Mentees receive 1-2-1 mentoring support from a senior figure from a different business. The first two cohorts have proved hugely successful, with 45% of mentees in cohort one receiving a promotion or moving laterally within their own organisation.


A message from our Partner Ian West

"I’m delighted to regularly read feedback from businesses on how the Cross Company Allyship Programme has made a positive difference to the careers of their black and ethnic minority heritage employees. Allyship is key to driving a fairer and more equitable workplace where employees can bring their whole selves to the workplace."


of mentees received a promotion or moved laterally


would recommend the programme


of businesses reported an increase in productivity due to mentoring

Hear from our mentees and mentors


I’m a mentee in the KPMG Cross Company Allyship Programme and I work in the Pharmaceutical Industry. My mentor is Amy Todd, a partner at KPMG.

What I really value about my mentoring relationship with Amy, is that there is no set script.It’s just a wonderful, authentic and real conversation between two women from completely different work sectors.

What binds us? It’s our desire to be strong, visible, powerful women in the workplace and not be shackled by cultural and societal norms.

I value her insights, her experiences, and her ability to challenge me and to help me grow

Thank you, Amy, for being a wonderful mentor and I look forward to seeing where our mentoring journey takes us

Mentee – Taz – Johnson and Johnson


It’s an absolute joy to connect and build a new relationship with such a talented individual like Nana, outside of the organisation. I find it definitely a two-way learning process. Not only did we thoroughly enjoy our conversation and continue to get to know each other, we were finally meeting in person too!

We found that this programme provides both of us that psychological safety to develop and gain new perspectives from regular interactions and at the same time promote cross-cultural change as it allows for barriers to be tackled head on with an open and collaborative approach.

Mentor – Pina – QinetiQ

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