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Leaders 2050 is a professional network led by KPMG in the UK for future leaders in all sectors who have an interest in net zero, clean growth and sustainability, with a focus on diversity and inclusion. The network’s mission is to equip the next generation with the skills, networks and purpose needed to drive towards a more sustainable future.

Why did we set up Leaders 2050?

  1. Young people and future leaders have a vital role to play in driving positive change
    Young professionals will be at the heart of tackling key issues facing societies today over the course of their careers – from climate change to social inequality. The ‘voice of young professionals’ is not always heard in the climate and decarbonisation debate.
  2. Net Zero is one of the most important challenges of our time
    Achieving Net Zero will be one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. Governments, businesses, investors, NGOs and consumers are increasingly recognising the need to act now to prevent the worst impacts of climate change and limit global warming.
  3. Industry networks are essential in making change happen
    Delivering Net Zero and tackling societal issues will be a complex journey, requiring collaboration on an unparalleled scale. Leaders 2050 creates an opportunity to strengthen cross-sector relationships and bring together future leaders from a diverse range of backgrounds to work towards a common goal. 

Our previous events

NatWest Group recently collaborated with KPMG’s Leaders 2050 team on an external event exploring the role of young professionals in building purpose-led business. The team brought real enthusiasm, subject matter expertise, and a great collaborative energy, helping us deliver a standout session for our attendees.

Alberto Pardo, ESG Analyst and Global Co-Chair
Sustainable Futures Network, NatWest Group

We are always open to collaborate

If you would like to find out more about the Leaders 2050 programme, or are interested in working with us on a joint initiative, contact us here: Leaders2050@kpmg.co.uk