KPMG is a proud sponsor of Discover Economics, a campaign run by the Royal Economics Society. Discover Economics aims to broaden the appeal of economics to potential students, change their perceptions of economics and economists, and attract more students from under-represented groups.

The campaign targets 15-17 year olds, young people who are making choices about what post 16 qualifications to take and what subjects to study at university or through an apprenticeship. KPMG works alongside Discover Economics to transform perceptions of economics among students, particularly those attending schools which don't provide it as a subject. We also work to raise the voices of a more diverse set of economists and expose students to role models already working in the subject.

“The work of economists has a huge impact across many areas of our society and Discover Economics is working to make the discipline more inclusive and diverse. We’re excited to be supporting their mission of encouraging more students of today to become the economists of tomorrow.” – Heather Sharp, Partner

The Young Economist of the Year Competition

The Young Economist of the Year Competition is an annual competition aimed at Year 10 to 13 students to encourage them to produce their own ideas in analysing contemporary economic problems facing the UK and the world.

This is the first year that KPMG has sponsored the Competition; the competition attracted over 1,400 entries and the KPMG Economics team has been hard at work volunteering their CSR time to mark the entries for shortlisting. The final event, where the five finalists will be presenting to a panel of judges, will be held at KPMG’s London office and the winning entry will be published in Financial Times.