Organisations must be willing to transform or risk irrelevance. Transformation is not just about incremental change. It requires fundamental shifts in an organisation’s value proposition; how it competes and operates.

Enterprise-wide transformation can be driven by several factors:

  • Disruptive external forces, customer preferences, or regulatory requirements impacting the viability of the business
  • Business model obsolescence over time due to increasing competition or arrival of substitutes
  • Technology advances making the operating model obsolete or uncompetitive
  • Unrealised synergies or significant inefficiencies within and between business units in the portfolio
  • Misalignment between stakeholder interests, or the introduction of new leadership with a different vision

The Enterprise wide transformation can sometimes involve acquisitions, divestitures, or joint ventures as the organisation seeks to make foundational changes. Though the need for transformation may be well understood, delivering transformation programs is rarely straightforward. They usually complex, and need to be delivered while ‘keeping the lights on’, thereby stretching resources and facing considerable internal resistance.

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How we can help

Our Strategy team helps you determine whether your organisation needs transformation and to what extent. Not every scenario requires transformation – your answer may lie in investing in innovation, or accelerating on your current trajectory. However, in cases that require a step change or pivot in direction, our approach to EWT can help improve your chances of success.

We bring strategic thinking and hands-on skills to deliver on transformation. We are distinctive in our ability to enact, rather than merely design or plan for enterprise-wide change. We can help you succeed, as we:

  • Bring deep experience in delivering complex transformations, with knowledge of leading and emerging practices
  • Architect, structure and plan the delivery of the transformation program
  • Support you in identifying potential acquisition targets, JV partners, or support the divestment of a part of your business
  • Manage stakeholders and align your leadership team throughout the transformation
  • Manage interdependencies, objectively review progress, identify issues, and support resolution
  • Effectively manage various third party vendors and delivery partners
  • Bring cross-functional capabilities that can be deployed in an agile and responsive manner
  • Ensure your employee experience managed effectively through the transformation program

What makes our approach different?

We provide the overarching framework for multi-year strategic planning, capital allocation, portfolio and synergy assessments. We have a data driven approach to value identification, tracking, and realisation. We help you navigate the transformation journey from inception to outcomes delivery, complementing the capabilities within your organisation as well as your chosen vendors, using our depth and breadth of functional specialists.

Ours is a people-first approach, as we firmly believe that foremost determinant of success of any EWT is the support and buy-in from the people who are impacted.

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