Business leaders are under more pressure to innovate and transform their businesses than ever before. Incremental results are no longer enough. Breaking down silos, aligning leaderships, engaging workforces and accelerating change are key to making transformation work. We address the three challenges of enabling growth, increasing profit and boosting value through designing and delivering successful enterprise-wide transformation.

The business challenges you face are accelerating the need for change. Ensuring you maintain connection between your strategy, business model, operating model and transformation initiatives to drive your ambition is critical.

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Starting with your ambition

At KPMG, we specialise in business model-driven operating model design and implementation. We take business strategies and design the structural changes that will make the strategy work, delivering the practical roadmap to make it happen. We operate across all business functions to create transformations that fundamentally shift your business and its performance. We build agile businesses that have the flexibility needed for today’s ever-changing world.

We work with ambitious leaders to transform their businesses and improve performance by answering one of three key questions:

  • Growth: What is the most effective way for me to grow the business?
  • Profit: How can I maximise profits and profitability in my business in sustainable ways?
  • Value: How can I drive short, medium and long-term increases in enterprise value by transforming the business?

Your business needs to integrate your strategy and operations together and create practical and implementable solutions. This will shape your future business and enable you to take your people with you as you make your strategy real. We specialise in this and for everything that we do, your vision and strategy is our starting point.


Meeting your challenges

We help you face the ongoing challenge of agile transformation to enable your business to realise its potential. This might mean changing your business model and adapting your operating model to be more agile to meet new opportunities, or counter issues in competition, markets and channels. Instances such as:

  • Macro-economic trade and business changes
  • Change in leadership
  • New ways of driving revenue growth or new value propositions
  • Shifts in customer behaviours and needs
  • New channels and leveraging platform capabilities
  • Changes in strategic partners and third parties
  • Agility and delivering structural workforce changes
  • Changes to the value stream and the use of data to drive agile decision-making
  • Regulatory change and government intervention

Making enterprise transformation successful

At KPMG, we have the depth of specialism in business model driven, operating model design and implementation to deliver enterprise-wide transformation. We are sector-agnostic so that each enterprise-wide transformation benefits from our breadth of experience and lessons from across industries, supported by expertise from all appropriate KPMG functions. We concentrate on the art of the possible and on getting things done, operating across all business functions to build businesses with the flexibility for today’s ever-changing world. We work with you as partners with the following approach:

  • Rapid diagnostic – We use digital diagnostic tools that identify the areas of transformation and the value associated with them. We quickly pinpoint problems, and bring a suite of options to resolve them, including integrated digital solutions.
  • Co-design and collaboration – We adapt each transformation to deliver what is needed for your situation. No business is the same, and we work with you to ensure our approach is unique to your needs.
  • Create alignment across the leadership and business – Our approach faces the difficult decisions early, addressing disagreement and building stakeholder engagement early.
  • Build momentum and engagement – Empower the people in the business so that the design and implementation is built together.
  • Control design and delivery – Build the design and manage it effectively with a first-rate transformation office – governing with design authority, programme management and change management.
  • Integrate across the business - Integrate both physical and digital transformation, bringing thinking from AI, data and automation. We find ways to work across all business areas.
  • Change leadership - We have clear ways to align leadership and drive accountable decision-making. This helps to manage resistance and deliver successful change.

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