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With industry climates constantly evolving, the pressure continues for firms to efficiently drive operations. At the forefront is satisfying customers, regulators and delivering quality whilst cost-effective delivery model is in place.

KPMG Managed Services brings the best of KPMG. Our specialist outsourcing offering can transform your operational process. We combine technology, tools, and expertise to solve client issues in regulated and non-regulated remediation, Customer Due Diligence (CDD) and complaints handling.

Our team has designed integrated solutions with operational and subject matter expertise combining. Best practice, leveraging data and using proprietary and alliance partner technology to deliver scalable, quality, and cost-effective operations.

Our proven methodology allows us to rapidly mobilise operations in a controlled manner, and ensures consistency across jurisdictions, with global delivery the UK, America, Australia and India. Our access to over, 2,500 skilled resources within Managed Services means we can stand up teams to start supporting you quickly.

With quality at the heart of our operations, you can be confident in receiving the best outcome, first time.

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How we can help

We have supported many banking and insurance clients through the pandemic, from helping them to deal with coronavirus loans processes, rapid stand up of 24/7 contact centres and support in running claims handling processes to manage backlogs of travel insurance claims. Our core services include:

  • KPMG Smart CDD – Our customer centric end to end solution built on Salesforce for handling customer due diligence onboarding, periodic review and remediation as part of a Managed Service.
  • Full remediation services (e.g. product or service reviews, Dear CEO letters and Section 166s) to enable the delivery of short-term regulatory programmes 
  • Customer Due Diligence remediation and ‘Know Your Customer’ rolling reviews typically running over three to five years
  • Complaint handling and end to end customer resolutions operations including contact centres and customer outreach programmes 
  • Claims handling – From taking on the end to end claims to support with spikes in claims and BAU, to providing components of the process 
  • Controls Transformation – navigating regulations including Sarbanes Oxley (SOx), GDPR, TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures) and the UK Corporate Governance Code to deliver successful controls transformation to achieve a robust and sustainable control environment and establishing an assurance framework to monitor your control environment.
  • Learning Managed Services - high quality, bespoke training to help deliver your learning and development requirements, underpinned by a service centre helping to provide exceptional event co-ordination and customer support.

Keeping you in the driver’s seat

Our operations are based on several key elements. We replicate these across engagements to help ensure quality outcomes, from the operational design stage to mobilisation and BAU delivery.

  • Operational design – we discuss your challenges and requirements to design an effective service.
  • Technology – we assess and offer you technology approaches best suited to your engagement and can tailor cloud-based technology solutions. We embed proprietary KPMG technology and automation into our operations, leverage our Alliance partners and can also offer access to your systems remotely and securely, if required.
  • Data security – we implement industry standard data security processes. Recorded data doesn’t leave the KPMG UK network and the EU. Only the resources screened for the engagement can access it. 
  • Operational experts – we recruit people with operational backgrounds who bring with them a breadth of domain experience. We utilise a flexible resourcing model that allows us to quickly scale.
  • Quality control – we have a robust, mature control and quality framework with a calibrated QC/QA model. Our SMEs are embedded within the operation to drive Policy understanding and quality on the floor. 
  • Management information – monthly meetings to review progress, where we provide comprehensive reporting and insight to support your decision making.
  • Quality assurance throughout – we liaise closely with your QA teams, agree upon a sampling methodology and participate in quality calibration and policy clarification sessions.

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