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KPMG Powered EPM

KPMG Powered EPM leverages decades of business experience and understanding of new cloud technology to take planning and analysis to the next level.

Dynamic insight to optimize business performance across the enterprise.

KPMG Powered Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) leverages decades of business experience and understanding of new cloud technology to take planning and analysis to the next level.

Highly developed planning and analysis capabilities are a must for any leading CFO. In a world of disruption, your team is being asked to do more and do it faster, yet you can’t just think about current challenges. You have to think ahead to get ahead.

Imagine all of your business performance information at your fingertips. What could your team do differently?

  • Dynamically manage, analyse and predict the performance of your business strategy?
  • Anticipate and adapt swiftly to market conditions?
  • Know which products, services, channels, customers and geographies will drive profitable growth?

It is possible. With KPMG Powered EPM, you could become a strategic performance leader that helps drive business value.

KPMG Powered EPM (PDF 280 KB) is designed to rapidly enable next-level planning and analysis capabilities: strategic planning, master data management, driver-based planning, enhanced forecast accuracy, rolling forecasts and predictive modelling. It helps you to transform your business and achieve a greater step change in value.

Accelerate transformation with pre-configured, business-led solutions

Get there faster. Based on the 80/20 rule, the pre-defined solution can be tailored quickly so you can focus on the parts that matter most to you and your business. KPMG Powered EPM is backed by extensive experience, a vast knowledge base, leading strategies, and assets to give you a rapid start:

  • Project delivery tools
  • Business process library
  • Controls and KPIs
  • Pre-configured Oracle Cloud applications
  • Test manager and scripts
  • Organisational design and training guides
  • Community support centre.

Fuelled by Oracle Cloud technology. By leveraging Oracle Cloud with prebuilt business functions for finance, workforce, capital, projects and other functions, KPMG can help simplify the most complex transformations.

Get started

KPMG Powered EPM has pre-defined three levels: Focused, Expanded and Enterprise. You can begin by focusing on a particular business need, and expand later or undertake transformation of your full range of enterprise planning or undertake your full range of enterprise planning – it’s up to you.


Whatever challenges your business faces, KPMG firms help prepare you for success. Our blend of strategy, technology and enterprise experience can enable you to seize the opportunities a transformation can provide.

KPMG Powered EPM. We’re on your team. All the way to the finish line and beyond.

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