The banking sector is having to transform at pace – from addressing the issues arising from the 2008 Financial Crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic, to shifting to a far more digital operating and distribution model. To thrive in an era of digital currencies and contactless payments, your business needs to operate seamlessly across virtual and physical domains. It is evident that an increased transition to digital services has created the opportunity for you to unlock cost savings and redesign core business areas through leveraging technologies such as cloud and automation. Technology is also underpinning some fundamental changes in the way we work. The need to ensure you are building resilient processes, teams, and organisations is clear. You are now required to adopt new risk models and strategies to ensure you successfully manage the new challenges across cyber, third-party risk, and financial resilience. 

In addition to all this, there is the need to navigate the potential post-Brexit regulatory changes and consider the ever more central role of ESG, with support for progressive climate-related products and services.

Our practice is helping the industry to navigate these challenges and our clients to capitalise on the opportunities. We are passionate about helping you overcome these issues, from developing strategies to better serve your customer base, using technology and data to transform your business, manage capital and liquidity effectively, through to identifying the needs of today's and tomorrow's workforce. By harnessing the international network of KPMG professionals and market expertise, we ensure you are supported both locally and globally, however complex your needs.

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