Technology Industry Outlook Survey 2015

Technology Industry Outlook Survey 2015

Identification of key trends for geographic expansion plans, emerging technology revenue streams, investment priorities, and risks to company growth.


In this year’s survey, tech leaders in the United States remain optimistic about a broader portfolio of revenue opportunities for technology companies. Mobile is firmly established as a platform changing the way we live and work, and it continues to lead expectations for revenue growth. A wide range of attractive revenue opportunities for tech companies also include healthcare IT, data & analytics (D&A), cloud, and social platforms. 

Respondents reveal concerns about global economic and political uncertainty. Other risks to company growth include incremental tax and regulatory complexities in the United States and abroad.

As cyber attacks drive headlines around the world, tech companies, big and small, will continue to invest in the development and implementation of information security and IT risk management technologies. For tech companies, gaining and retaining customer trust is key even as next-gen cybersecurity solutions emerge to deal with this challenge.

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