Your connected car is talking: Who’s listening?

Your connected car is talking: Who’s listening?

Today’s vehicles are more “wired” than ever before- offering connectivity similar to what we expect at home, in our offices and on our mobile devices. Although that connectivity is awesome for drivers, it does come with some inherent risks.

Your connected car is talking: Who’s listening?

Moving the data-driven user experience forward with value, security and privacy.

This report explores the two worlds of connected vehicle data – the one in which data means fantastic value and the other in which data means risk. How should original equiment manufacturers (OEM) balance the two, leveraging data insights to offer customers an unbelievable driving experience while at the same time protecting the data like it was their own?

Some key considerations:

  • Embed security and privacy at the earliest phases of product and software development.
  • Include cybersecurity in enterprise-wide risk governance.
  • Focus not just on the data but also on the entire ecosystem.
  • Be good citizens when it comes to customer data privacy.
  • Remember the three tenets of data security.
  • Prepare for emerging security risks.
  • Encrypt information coming into the master computer.
  • Test vulnerabilities.
  • Put safety first.
  • Build a “three-legged stool.”


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