The disruptors are the disrupted

The disruptors are the disrupted

New technologies are changing the face of the technology industry.

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As agents of change, technology companies have alwaysbeen at the forefront of disruption. Today, as an ever-increasingrange of new technologies disrupt the sector with exponentialspeed, tech business leaders are focused on how to createnew value propositions for their customers and to run theirown organizations more effectively.

Given that technology companies tend to be innovators and are primarily responsible for much of the disruptive technology out there, it’s little surprise that most seem to be upbeat about its potential. More than two-thirds of respondents (67 percent) say they’ve seen a positive impact on both their organizations and their industry. Fifty-one percent are excited about the ability to enter new markets on the back of disruptive technologies, and 46 percent see opportunities to develop new monetization models.

In spite of this apparent optimism, many leaders of technology firms admit that their organizations may not be ready for disruptive technologies and the changes they bring. Less than one-third of respondents believe their companies are “very prepared” in their strategic vision, and only 31 percent feel they have a strong knowledge of available technology solutions.

Competition pressures are driving disruptive technology fears

Disruptive technology is breaking down traditional boundaries between industries. Almost four out of five technology leaders taking part in the survey are worried about non-technology firms becoming technology firms, and of those respondents citing a negative impact from disruption, 61 percent say it’s because of new competitors entering from other industries.

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All of these factors combine to obscure the way forward for tech firms, and technology leaders are struggling to determine which disruptive technologies to adopt in a way that adds the most value to their businesses.

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