Tested by enormous challenges in quick succession — a global pandemic, inflationary pressures, and geopolitical tensions — it is encouraging that the CEOs surveyed for our CEO Outlook were confident in their companies’ resilience and relatively optimistic about their own growth prospects.

CEOs have learned to navigate the unpredictable by realigning their workforces, untangling supply chain disruptions, and adapting to geopolitical and economic impacts over the last three years. As the possibility of recession looms, many are already prepared with a deep focus on planning and agility. Some see opportunities through this fog of uncertainty brought on by the promise of harnessing better technology, talent, and ESG.

Our global CEO Outlook draws on the perspectives of 1,325 CEOs from around the world — including 50 based in Saudi Arabia — to provide insight into their outlook on the global business and economic landscape over the next three years.