Organizations are reaping the rewards of digital transformation

Public and private sector organizations in Saudi Arabia have been investing heavily in digital transformation. Inspired by Vision 2030 and government digital transformation initiatives, companies have set their ambitions high. Aiming to harness technology to outperform their global counterparts, they have been quick to embrace artificial intelligence, data transformation and emerging technologies.

For this report, KPMG surveyed more than 2,200 executives, including 51 in Saudi Arabia, and conducted a series of in-depth discussions with industry experts to uncover the technology strategies businesses are using to help outsmart their competitors in a time of unprecedented global change.

The results of the survey show resilient, forward-looking attitude among technology professionals in the Kingdom and their global peers. Saudi organizations also demonstrate that they are not risk adverse in adopting tech at the cutting edge, in some cases moving farther and faster than their peers.

It is the breathtaking pace of change and widespread commitment of organizations to leverage technology to transform their businesses that defines today‘s technology market. 

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