Local government authorities worldwide today face an important opportunity to revolutionize how they function and how they meet the fast-evolving expectations of their customers in the digital era – citizens, businesses, partners, leaders and stakeholders across the diverse cities and communities they serve. The future of local government organizations – digitally enabled, data-driven, agile and customer centric – is unmistakably upon us. And as our global research reveals, there is no time to lose on this inevitable and exciting journey as the remarkable pace of change accelerates in today’s hyper-connected new reality.

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Local governments in Saudi Arabia traditionally have different, more granular responsibilities within the government compared with the countries in this study, but in years we have seen an important shift towards the establishment of royal commissions and other highly empowered authorities in order to elevate work on city planning, community development, and promotion of historic areas.

Ismail Daham Alani
Head of Government & Public Sector
KPMG in Saudi Arabia


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