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After the decision of the GCC Commission for Financial and Economic Cooperation on 25 October 2020, amendments to the GCC Unified Customs Tariff have come into effect on 1 January 2021. Dubai Customs adopted these amendments through Dubai Customs Notice 2/2021.

Tariff amendments

The amendments include modifications to the “Description” column of 2 Tariff Codes, 4 newly-created Tariff Codes’ Headings, and 65 changes to existing Tariff Codes’ Sub-headings.

The commodities affected by the amendments are:

  • Tobacco-related products
  • Electronic products (including smart TVs and receivers…)
  • Cocoa powder and other instant preparation drinks with added sugar or sweetener
  • Water, milk, and cocoa beverages with added sugar or sweetener
  • Miscellaneous Chemical products

Implications for businesses

Importers and exporters must review the tariff classification of their products to ensure that they are in line with the new version of the Tariff Codes. They should also consider updating their commodity codes’ databases to reflect these amendments.

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