Asasiyat—KPMG Strategy Insight Series: Fueling digital success. This thought leadership publication provides insights on the importance of a sound digital strategy in light of constantly evolving customer needs, market challenges and disruptions. Digital strategy is about leveraging emerging technologies and resultant capabilities to redefine financial, business and operating models.

Digital strategy is focused on leveraging technology to enhance business performance, by developing new goods or completely redesigning existing operations and procedures. Developing a blueprint and laying out a digital strategy template can help get a holistic view of the business to pinpoint where digital options can be applied to harness efficiency and effectiveness across the organization.

In this edition, we have highlighted various upcoming technologies, their impact and how various industries have refocused their priorities to redesign their strategies and generated value from digital transformation. We have also highlighted the key triggers, core objectives and approach and methodology for formulating a digital strategy.

With the second edition of Asasiyat—KPMG Strategy Insight Series, we aim to establish a dialogue with key stakeholders across sectors on the importance of developing a robust digital strategy.

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KPMG Strategy Insight Series Edition 2- Fueling digital success

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