Your CV

Your CV

Your CV is the starting point for reaching your professional goals, so it must be written in a careful and organized manner.

Your CV must be written in a careful and organized manner.


When you try to apply for a job opportunity, several questions arise regarding the best way to prepare your CV.

We leave you here some useful tips.


Your CV should have a clear, coherent, brief and organized structure:

  • List your academic and professional experiences chronologically, from most to least recent. It is also important to mention your extracurricular experiences;
  • Write it in an appealing, objective manner, keeping the document length under two pages;
  • Read twice before sending, and make sure there are no mistakes;
  • Avoid using multiple colors and figures or elaborate layouts;
  • Preferably, send as a PDF file.


Include only essential information to the job you are applying for:

  • Personal information: name, nationality, date of birth, geographic location, telephone number, email address, LinkedIn page; 
  • Photograph: the photograph you use must be suitable for the professional context and must be of good quality. It cannot be a photo taken, for example, at a night out or during a leisure moment. It should have a white background and good lighting and sharpness. The CV photo is part of the first impression that the interviewer will have of you and it is important that it conveys professionalism;
  • Education: degree, educational institutions, degree or master’s final grade; 
  • Relevant work experience: company, field of activity, job title, period, main tasks/projects, developed skills;
  • Technical and language skills
  • Additional information: relevant extracurricular activities, volunteer work, international experience, etc.

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