Financial Statement Audit

Financial Statement Audit

Financial statement audits play a critical role in creating and maintaining investor confidence and can unlock valuable insights into the business.

Financial statements audits play a critical role in maintaining investor confidence.

Financial Statements Audit
An independent audit of financial statements contributes to investor confidence and therefore to the effective functioning of capital markets. The audit approach of KPMG in the Philippines is based on a consistent methodology developed to comply with International Standards on Auditing. It is built on the basis of core principles relating to professional integrity, independence and ethical behavior with which all partners and staff must comply. It is enhanced by an established set of supervision, review and consultation standards and technologies and tools that assist teams to access knowledge-all designed to help teams focus on the issues that impact audit judgments and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the audit.

Regulatory Audit
Many organizations are obliged to obtain independent verification of financial and other information reported to regulators. Others voluntarily seek independent verification to avoid factual errors and the risk of noncompliance.

Beyond Audit
In addition to the traditional financial statements audit, most organizations have additional requirements for independent, objective assurance on financial information, non-financial information, transactions and processes. Beyond Audit is about listening to clients’ concerns and using our audit skillset to provide solutions to limit their uncertainty.

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