Research Assistance

Research Assistance

See how KPMG helps faculty and students in their research studies.

See how KPMG helps faculty and students in their research studies.

With the aim to support continuous development of the field of Accountancy, we recognize that research can help identify the challenges and potential threats that the profession may face as well as spot growth opportunities for the industry.

We gladly welcome students and faculty members from different schools, colleges and universities to conduct their research in the firm and tap our Partners, Principals and Professionals as active participants or respondents.


To request to conduct research at KPMG, here is what you need to do:


1)    Submit a request letter to the People, Performance & Culture (PPC) Department via email (, with the following attachments:


  • Endorsement Letter. (Address the letter to Atty. Ma. Gracia C. Diaz, Risk Management Partner (RMP). The names and signatures of researchers and the official research coordinator or adviser shall also be included.)
  • Statement of the Problem of the Research Study.  (Research hypotheses must be clearly defined.)  
  • Research Methodology. (The basis for the determination of the population size, the sampling method chosen, criteria for the selection of the Respondents, what type of data (nominal, ordinal, interval or ratio) are needed to be collected and what statistical treatment will be employed to draw a conclusion must be clearly defined and explained)
  • Questionnaire and/or Interview Questions. (This document must contain all information that the Research proposes to obtain from the Respondents including a description of the nature and purpose of the Survey. It shall likewise indicate template provisions regarding personal data privacy.) 
  • Confidentiality and Data Privacy Agreement. (The attached template agreement must be signed by the Researcher. The Agreement defines specific requirements in the collection, processing, treatment and storage of any of data gathered in the conduct of the Research.  Any purpose outside of the Research objectives shall be strictly disallowed.)


2)    The PPC Department identifies the respondents based on the  requirements of the research. Unless a face-to-face interview is needed,  no interface shall take place between the Researchers and the  Respondents.


3)    Distribution of the questionnaires will be administered by the PPC Department. Respondents have an option to decline the survey.


4)    Upon completion of the survey, the PPC Department collects them from the respondents’ sealed copies of the accomplished survey.


5)    The PPC Department contacts the Researchers for the collection of the survey.


Download the Confidentiality and Data Privacy Agreement template here:


Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement  (56.6 KB)