KPMG has a focused sponsorship strategy where we support a large number of causes in New Zealand aligned with our vision, values and purpose – which is to fuel the prosperity of New Zealand.

KPMG is proud to sponsor the following programs and initiatives:

The Institute of Directors in New Zealand

KPMG is a proud partner of the IoD, which promotes excellence in corporate governance, represents directors’ interests and facilitates their professional development through education and governance training. It is a membership organisation with over 7,000 individuals representing the spectrum of New Zealand enterprise, from the public and private sectors

The Christchurch Foundation

The Christchurch Foundation helps generous individuals and businesses ensure their donations are directed to areas of interest, and that those contributions make a difference to the city of Christchurch. KPMG is proud to be a major sponsor of The Christchurch Foundation, working alongside them to make a lasting contribution to the city and help fuel the prosperity of its people.

New Zealand International Business Awards

KPMG is proud to support inspirational business leaders who have helped or are helping to transform NZ’s economy. The NZIBA celebrates the success of New Zealand businesses on the world stage and recognize professional excellence and innovative practice.

Te Hono Movement

KPMG has been a proud partner of the Te Hono Movement since the programme’s inception in 2012. The brainchild of New Zealand Merino CEO, John Brakenridge, the Te Hono Movement is a growing group of New Zealand agribusiness leaders who are exploring new ways of thinking and doing. Te Hono Movement now features an Alumni of more than 130 influential leaders representing 80% of the New Zealand primary sector who have built a strong foundation of trust, respect and knowledge.

Wellington Phoenix Football Club

KPMG has a long association with – and is the official accountancy and business partner of -  the Wellington Phoenix Football Club. We are also the Front of Shirt sponsor for its Academy team and, given both of our organisations place fundamental importance on the development of New Zealand’s talent and on creating pathways to fulfil their aspirations, we’re pleased to support the Club in its endeavours.

Wellington Free Ambulance

KPMG is a long-term business partner of Wellington Free Ambulance, and Principal Sponsor of the Rescue Squad, contributing funds to replace uniforms and purchase essential equipment. The Rescue Squad is a team of 37 amazing paramedics specially trained to get to, treat and extract patients in hard to access locations like dense bush, cliff faces and rugged coastal locations. They are on call 24/7 if someone is hurt or unwell and lost in the bush, injured on a mountain track or other hard-to-access terrain.

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