At KPMG, we believe that diversity is a strength and that everyone deserves to feel safe, recognised and heard, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. We’re committed to promoting awareness and taking action to support our LGBTTQIA+ communities.

We expect that people treat one other with respect and dignity, value and positively leverage individual differences, and recognise people’s rights regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.  This approach is aligned with our values, in particular Integrity (we do what is right) and Together (we respect each other and draw strength from our differences).

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Pride@KPMG is both a policy and a group. We have a network of LGBTTQIA+ people and allies from across the firm that meet regularly to talk all things Pride and provide each other with support.

Some Pride@KPMG‘s projects include:

  • Regularly bringing in external experts to share insights on LGBTTQIA+ topics. Recent sessions have included discussions around Allyship and Aotearoa’s LGBTTQIA+ history.
  • Sponsorship of and partnership with LGBTTQIA+ community events
  • Celebrating relevant local and international events of importance. These include local Pride festivals, World Aids’ Day, IDAHOBIT and more.
  • Social and volunteering events

Pride@KPMG Policy

Our Pride@KPMG policy offers extra benefits to support the inclusion of LGBTTQIA+ people at KPMG and within the wider KPMG community. These include access to OutLine Aotearoa’s specialist counselling services as a supplement to our current employee assistance service, transitioning leave and a clothing allowance for our colleagues that are transitioning while with us at KPMG. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Te Mana Motuhake | Autonomy

One of the foundational principles of our Pride@KPMG policy is Te Mana Motuhake. Te Mana Motuhake addresses the extent to which communities themselves take ownership of, and have a degree of autonomy over, improving their own wellbeing.

At KPMG this is acknowledged in two ways. Firstly, through recognising the Pride@KPMG group as leaders in the KPMG community when it comes to questions of diversity, inclusion, recruitment and community engagement with the LGBTTQIA+ community. And secondly, by listening to and respecting the voices of individual LGBTTQIA+ people with regards to their own needs and wellbeing as an employee and a colleague. 

Community Leadership

Rangatiratanga | Community Leadership

Another foundational principle is Rangatiratanga. Rangatiratanga addresses the need for the promotion of wellbeing in our communities to occur at a range of levels from leadership across KPMG and the wider LGBTTQIA+ community through community role models and among peer groups. Communication, collaboration and alliances between all social leaders and groups are important.

For KPMG this means that we listen and value the opinions and advice from the LGBTTQIA+ community in New Zealand, especially when they are speaking to their lived experiences as Rainbow people. This community leadership will form a key consideration within KPMG when making decisions relating to LGBTTQIA+ policies and our engagement with the community. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Global Pride@KPMG

Global Pride@KPMG is KPMG’s global LGBTTQIA+ inclusion network with KPMG LGBTTQIA+ allies across countries and territories, in addition to thousands of people who are part of local KPMG Pride networks. From Inclusion & Diversity professionals and country-based Pride network leaders to client-facing Partners and Consultants, Global Pride@KPMG strives to help every LGBTTQIA+ person across our global organization to feel safe and included. Working with local Pride networks, Global Pride@KPMG connects people, shares learning and support systems and helps all KPMG firms harness the opportunities that diversity brings.

People celebrating Pride
Our first LGBTQ+ inclusion statement

Our first LGBTQ+ inclusion statement

In collaboration with our Global Pride Network, we launched our first global LGBTQ+ inclusion statement. As a global organization, we’re committed to actions that promote LGBTQ+ awareness and making sure our people feel safe, recognised and heard. A key action from this statement is to support KPMG firms in appointing Pride Partner Champions to help address the challenges faced by our LGBTQ+ people. Pride Partner Champions are KPMG leaders aligned with their Pride Networks and responsible for championing their firm’s LGBTQ+ inclusion efforts inside and outside of the workplace.

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