The KPMG Network of Women (KNOW) is an employee-driven global network, tailored by each firm to address opportunities and challenges in their firm. At KPMG in New Zealand, the purpose is to empower wāhine to achieve their potential by promoting equality between all genders and supporting their personal and professional development.

We recognise the power a safe and empowering space for women, where they can connect, share, and support each other, holds. We acknowledge that not everyone has access to the same resources and opportunities, and are committed to standing against systemic barriers and biases to help level the playing field.

Champions for Change

Champions for Change is a group of over 80 leading CEOs and Chairs, each with a personal mission to accelerate inclusive and diverse leadership in our workplaces. 

Global Women

Bringing together New Zealand's most influential leaders to promote gender equality in our workplaces. 

UN Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs)

KPMG is a signatory of the Women's Empowerment Principles which is a joint initiative of UN Global Compact and UN Women. 

Mind the gap

We are on the Mind The Gap registry, recognising our commitment to closing our gender and ethnicity pay gaps at KPMG. 

International Women’s Day 2024

One hundred years ago, Ethel Watts became the first woman to qualify as a chartered accountant through examination to the ICAEW. Shortly after her exams, she joined Peat Marwick Mitchell & Co, as its only female accountant. This firm was created through a merger by two of KPMG’s founding fathers, William Barclay Peat and James Marwick.

Today, KPMG member firms continue to support and foster an inclusive and diverse culture where everyone feels they can come as they are. 

KPMG remains committed to gender equity. Globally, we set an intention to have women in 33 percent of leadership roles by 2025, which includes partners and directors. We are pleased to see progress reflected in our results, with our global women in leadership rising to 29.4% as of October 2023. Here in New Zealand, we are already exceeding this 2025 target. 



KPMG recognises the importance of family and the various caring responsibilities our people have. We offer 18 weeks of flexible paid parental leave regardless of primary or secondary distinction, and with no tenure-based requirements. This means that all of our parents at KPMG can focus on their whānau in those crucial early months.

KPMG also recognises that every whānau is different, so parents will be able to take the parental leave flexibly any time during the first 24 months.

Our partnership with Grace Papers also provides support, resources and tools to guide our people through their work-life integration as a parent or carer.