The role of a robust digital architecture is crucial for translating the vision of the future into a structured digital transformation. Digital architecture lays the foundation for strategic alignment between business and IT, which further enhances operational efficiency, drives innovation, and strengthens competitive edge – critical competencies for successful digital transformation programs. It is therefore more than just an IT blueprint.

In the absence of proper architecture planning and oversight, digital transformation initiatives can encounter significant roadblocks, including misalignment between technology portfolios and business goals, data silos, scalability constraints, and financial overruns. A properly designed and implemented digital architecture capability serves as a remedy to these challenges.

How can we help?

    Creating architectural products that drive desired business outcomes

We specialize in developing various architectural products across all architecture domains to support and enhance your digital transformation journeys. When designing these products, including value chains, customer journey maps, business capability designs, process level designs, or target architecture models, our focus is on delivering tangible business results.

2     Designing and enhancing your architecture function
Our expertise lies in establishing and improving architecture departments and centers of architectural excellence for our clients. This includes conducting maturity assessments of the architecture function, crafting strategies and a Target Operating Model for organizations, and providing practical road maps to enhance Architecture Governance.

3     Embedding our architecture experts in your digital transformation programs
We can supply you with our skilled architects who will temporarily integrate into your organization, speeding up your digital transformation initiatives. Our team comprises certified architects who can collaborate closely with your technology teams and other KPMG Technology teams. We can also provide specialized architecture experts in areas such as Security, Cloud, or ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance). 

As part of KPMG's Digital Transformation team, we understand how digital transformation works and why architecture is an essential part of any digital change. Our team consists of experienced architects who can deliver tailored architecture services across all architectural layers: business, data, application, technology and solution architectures. We use widely recognized architectural standards in delivering our services, including TOGAF, ArchiMate, BPMN, and other industry-specific architecture standards.

Key Features of Our Approach:

We recognize that architecture influences all aspects of organizational change, from high-level strategy to day-to-day operations. Our architecture services cover the entire spectrum, extending from strategic planning in collaboration with board members to the development and alignment of technology road maps with engineering teams. This ensures that we address every side of your business transformation.

We understand that architectures need to be industry specific. In alignment with KPMG Connected and Powered Enterprise, we bring deep domain knowledge in various sectors, including financial services (banking, asset management, insurance), government, production, logistics and energy. This expertise allows us to tailor our architecture services and products to your specific sector's value chains and unique requirements.

We believe that being an expert architect goes beyond technical knowledge and certifications. It's about possessing the soft skills and the ability to communicate effectively with business stakeholders within your organization. Our experts, in collaboration with KPMG People & Change, are here to assist your teams in developing and integrating the soft skills required for achieving architectural excellence.

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