Are you struggling with, or planning for, a complex (digital) transformation that involves multiple business units and products to achieve your strategic objectives? Our people, experience and proven Agile Transformation Delivery Approach can help in any situation that requires a flexible and agile organization to oversee and direct major changes. Whether it's a large-scale business integration, system implementation, legal and regulatory change or organizational service change, our approach can be tailored to the specific situation.

We offer experienced individuals and teams that can help you with the design, setup, execution and expert knowledge for (enterprise-wide) transition programs, combining a programmatic approach with agile principles and visualization techniques, such as the OBEYA way of working. Based on our experience and way of working, we have developed the KPMG Agile Transformation Delivery Approach – a comprehensive framework designed to bring agility to your organization! Our framework is based on the agile principles of scrum and Kanban but goes beyond them to offer a complete set of roles, rituals, artifacts and ways of working that enable seamless and efficient transformations at scale

Visual management – OBEYA

At KPMG – Digital Transformation, we understand that program management in today's business landscape often requires an agile approach to remain competitive. To help our clients achieve success in their transformation initiatives, we often utilize the OBEYA way of working; a visual management technique that is compatible with agile methods. The OBEYA way of working is an excellent fit for a programmatic approach in an agile environment, as it promotes responsibility, collaboration, transparency, and continuous improvement. With this approach, we can help our clients identify bottlenecks, optimize flow in initiatives and execution, and align goals across the entire transformation.

Our team of experienced consultants is dedicated to providing genuine solutions to our clients. With extensive knowledge and expertise in agile methodologies and program management, our consultants have the skills necessary to help your organization achieve its digital transformation goals. We are able to offer experienced Agile and OBEYA coaches who will help the organization in the transformation at hand and to foster a continuous improvement culture to achieve the business objectives.

How we can help your organization

  • Advice on design and way of working for an agile-organized transition program
  • Setup and support of an enterprise-wide transformation program as part of a Transformation Management Office (TMO)
  • Transition manager role
  • TMO roles
  • OBEYA coach role 

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