Businesses are increasingly having to deal with the consequences of fraud and other incidents. Although the high-profile and impactful examples we read about in the papers may feel far removed, incidents can occur within any company and take on various forms. For example, illicitly extracting value from your business, fraudulent financial reporting, leaks of information, integrity violations, abuse of power or disputes about agreements and the interpretation of contracts. Even an apparently minor incident can have major consequences for your business, as a result of reputational damage due to negative media reporting, a loss of trust from shareholders and stakeholders and management time diverted to managing the incident instead of executing agreed business plans. What should you do if you become aware of an incident or certain concerning signals within your organisation?

Professional and objective scrutiny helps you respond in time, take the right follow-up steps and obtain insight into how you can mitigate risks in the future. By acting quickly, you can limit the financial and non-financial consequences of incidents. A thorough investigation into the fraud or incident can be of value in this regard.

Our team will give you insight into the facts in an impartial manner so you can respond adequately to your issue and provide accountability if necessary.

In order to answer your questions as effectively as possible, we have experienced professionals from various disciplines such as accountancy, business administration, law, data analytics and criminology. Based on your issue, we will put together an expert team, supported by advanced methods and instruments and the latest technologies.

KPMG Forensic has 75 professionals in the Netherlands and was established in 1993. As a team, we are intrinsically motivated to help our customers do the right thing and place a premium on delivering the highest quality. We have a strong worldwide Forensic network of 3500 professionals. Together, we offer our services in the approximately 150 countries in which KPMG operates.

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