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Fraud and misconduct are having an ever greater impact on our society and also represent an ongoing risk to many businesses. Failure to effectively control risks around fraud and misconduct can result in significant financial and reputational damage. It can even have personal and judicial consequences for executives and employees. Which is one reason why you need a proactive and effective approach to limit fraud risks to a level that is acceptable to your company. Carefully designed fraud risk management is a highly effective instrument to this end.

Limiting fraud risks to an acceptable level

By means of a proven and globally tested methodology, we support organisations with issues around the prevention, detection and response to fraud and misconduct. We apply an industry-leading approach, based on national and international practical experience from our KPMG network.

Central to this approach is developing and implementing policy in partnership with companies, identifying the most important risks and creating a framework to detect fraud and signs of fraud and respond to them quickly and adequately.

Because the fraud risk management you already have in place for your organisation meets specific needs, for example in view of the existing maturity level, our approach depends on your needs. Together, we will analyse where your needs lie. This could involve an evaluation of your fraud risks or a forensic data analysis, or support in introducing a new fraud policy. We regularly supply services focused on:

  • maturity analysis of existing fraud risk management within companies;
  • detailed fraud risk analyses;
  • training and workshops on fraud and ‘soft controls’;
  • proactive and retrospective forensic data analyses; and
  • complete fraud risk management implementations.

Experts in the field of fraud risk management

KPMG Forensic was established in the Netherlands in 1993 and has a worldwide network of professionals specialising in providing services to support customers in order to achieve the highest possible levels of integrity. At the same time, we help customers control the costs and risks arising from disputes, investigations and enforcement by providing support in prevention, detection and response to fraud, abuses and different forms of misconduct.

Our team is made up professionals in the fields of accounting, investigation, risk management, technology, integrity and compliance. These disciplines work together closely in order to answer your questions in the most appropriate way. We support firms with tailored innovative solutions. Thanks to our years of experience, we are effective in the support we deliver to companies and we are able to offer the insights they need, even in highly complex and/or sensitive cases.

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