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Interaction between parties in the current economic climate regularly results in disputes and legal proceedings. The volume and complexity of regulations, combined with the rising costs of resolving disputes, uncertainty about the outcomes and long drawn-out procedures are all process -related challenges which companies are confronted with today. Disputes can demand a lot of time from management and can impair the continuity and the reputation of a business. It is also hard for businesses to get a clear sense of the actual financial impact of a dispute. Independent and objective financial analysis can make all the difference when handling disputes.

In view of the significant interests that may be at stake in resolving disputes, it is desirable to have a good understanding of the financial aspect of a conflict.

Getting a grip on the impact of disputes: better understanding to enable considered decision-making

We support clients, their legal advisers and also insolvency administrators with the financial aspects of a dispute. Our service involves clearly analysing facts and circumstances in order to enable you to reach properly considered decisions about the dispute. For example:

  •  calculating damages;
  • acting as an expert;
  • performing a quick scan of the financial records;
  • providing a report on a financial issue.

Our specialists offer disputes advisory services in a broad range of business sectors, including intellectual property, information technology, financial services, industrial and consumer markets, construction and real estate, corporate clients, government and non-profit.


KPMG has experience in a range of subjects, including securing and unlocking large quantities of data, fraud and corruption, fact-finding, drawing up damage calculations in the event of commercial disputes and providing insight into behavioural aspects in relation to standards or legislation and regulations. We can help proactively and reactively in resolving disputes.

Establishing the facts in large volumes of data

When a dispute arises, it is essential to collect the relevant facts and secure data in order to understand the key issues as quickly as possible and identify the financial implications. In a world in which data volumes continue to grow exponentially, efficiently establishing the facts within large datasets without the use of adequate eDiscovery tooling is simply no longer feasible. KPMG has the tools and expertise to tackle large quantities of data from complex disputes.

Insight into financial transactions for administrators

Since the entry into force of the Act to Strengthen the Position of Insolvency Administrators (Wet versterking positie curator) on 1 July 2017, administrators have been tasked with investigating irregularities that may have contributed to bankruptcies. We offer the accounting and commercial qualities to provide the required insight into financial transactions in the period preceding a bankruptcy. In this way, we offer you support in decision-making with regard to any further investigation.

KPMG experts in forensics

KPMG Forensic was established in the Netherlands in 1993 and has a worldwide network of professionals specialising in providing services to support customers in order to achieve the highest possible levels of integrity. At the same time, we help customers control the costs and risks arising from disputes, investigations and enforcement by providing support in prevention, detection and response to fraud, abuses and different forms of misconduct.

Our team is made up professionals in the fields of accounting, investigation, risk management, technology, integrity and compliance. These disciplines work together closely in order to answer your questions in the most appropriate way. We support firms with tailored innovative solutions. Thanks to our years of experience, we are effective in the support we deliver to companies and we are able to offer the insights they need, even in highly complex and/or sensitive cases.

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