Separation planning remains a vital prerequisite for the separation and divestment of part of a business and ensuring business continuity of the divested as well as the parent organisation. Getting it right with thorough but flexible planning coupled with a robust execution approach is key to realising deal value. Without getting it right, the full value potential might not be realised, or, in the worst case, a major business disruption could occur.

Our separation planning and execution services are aimed at securing lasting value for both the remaining organisation and the divested organisation(s). We work closely with you to address the key separation issues pre- and post-closing, such as:

  • Supporting you in defining the separation strategy, principles and approach.
  • Identifying separation areas and assessing operational implications such as complexities, risks, issues and post-completion agreements;
  • Analysing the financial implications of the standalone cost and one-off separation costs.
  • Identifying recurring cost impacts as a result of the separation; 
  • Identifying one-off costs related to the separation;
  • Identifying stranded costs in the remaining business and developing a view on and an approach to how to deal with them;
  • Uncovering potential for value creation for the benefit of potential buyers.
  • Developing a separation plan supported by detailed roadmaps and functional action plans;
  • Developing, together with you, the Target Operating Model evolution for the divested company and the remaining organisation for the Day 1 interim state and for the Day 2 final state.
  • Supporting you in developing the required post-completion documentation such as TSAs, LTAs or reversed TSAs.

Providing one-stop-shop support in the execution of separation activities across all functional workstreams including operations, HR, finance and technology. Supporting you in:

  • preparing and managing the separation;
  • setting up and running a separation management office; 
  • Protecting business continuity during the transition phase by acting as one company until Day 1 and through good preparation for Day 1.

We support clients in the execution of separation activities through applying our robust global separation approach.

Last but not least, our work is not limited to glossy presentations. We work back-to-back and hand-in-hand with you to ensure real, tangible results.