Integration remains a vital prerequisite for retaining the value of an acquisition. Getting it right with thorough but flexible planning coupled with a robust execution approach is key to enabling synergy realisation. Without getting it right, recent research shows that roughly 70% of buyers fail to create value in the current competitive M&A market landscape.

Our integration planning and execution services are aimed at securing lasting value for clients. We work closely with you to address the key integration issues pre- and post-closing, such as:

  • A fair and unbiased synergy assessment and how it would relate to the purchase price;
  • Target Operating Models for Day 1 and further evolution beyond Day 1;
  • Day 1 readiness and detailed 100-day plans across all functional angles to support the entire transition, including both the ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ sides;
  • People aspects including retention;
  • Protecting business continuity during the transition phase;
  • Seamless programme heartbeat and governance to ensure that the integration and synergy targets are achieved.

Utilising the momentum of a deal

The successful execution of integrations requires utilising the momentum of the deal while keeping an eye on all relevant aspects, such as governance, legislation, works councils, operational and IT implications, as well as people & organisation aspects. That is why our Integration planning & execution professionals offer you:

  • An integrated team working at deal speed
    Our team brings together transformational, financial and operational experts. We also give you access to KPMG’s global network of experts on everything from operations and customer experience to corporate finance, tax and digital transformations;
  • A holistic, end-to-end approach to integration planning & execution
    Whether you aim for a partial or full integration, we help you identify potential and provide practical hands-on delivery of integration programmes;
  • A team, complementary to you
    Integration planning & execution requires cooperation between your organisation and us as advisors. The required capabilities and skillsets will differ between the phases of a transaction, and we will adapt as necessary;
  •  A tried and tested approach
    We run integrations with our proven approach, used by our Integration planning & execution professionals globally. This includes properly documented benefit tracking, so that the business maintains a clear view on the value of an acquisition at any time;
  • Execution power
    Integrations require execution power from a holistic viewpoint, combining the required changes to the business and operating model with a clear link to the one-off and recurring financial impact during and after the integration, while understanding the cultural and change aspects of the transformation. Our team is experienced in all of this.

Last but not least, our work is not limited to flashy presentations. We work back-to-back and hand-in-hand with you to ensure real, tangible results.