In many situations, performing an operational restructuring can be beneficial. These situations are often time-constrained and under high pressure from internal and external stakeholders. Examples of these situations are:

  • As part of a strategic reorientation, business activities can be clustered or combined in order to improve their performance and/or to prepare them for sale;
  • Following the divestment of a business activity, or after the wind-down of a business activity, the RemainCo needs to be trimmed down and brought in line with the new reality;
  • As part of a turnaround, structural changes to the business need to be implemented;
  • Earlier acquisitions have not been absorbed to the fullest possible extent, therefore further integration can create more value for your business.

Execution power while keeping an eye on relevant aspect

All of these situations require execution power from a holistic viewpoint, combining the required changes to the business and operating model with a clear link to the one-off and recurring financial impact during and after the transformation.

Execution of operational restructuring requires creating momentum for the change while keeping an eye on all the relevant aspects, such as governance, legislation, works council, operational and IT implications, as well as people & change aspects.

How we can help

Deal Execution will help you to create a sound and comprehensive overall plan and break it down into manageable tasks. We can support you in the execution of the plan by preparing detailed action plans, establish responsibilities and monitoring for each task, determine execution risks, and specify both timing and track. 

Navigating through uncertainty

Benefit and progress tracking is an important success factor for operational restructuring. Embedding profit improvement plans in the budget and establishing ownership for budget holders, supported by a single view of the costs and benefits of the restructuring. A simple and effective PMO will have the tracking tools established and ready for execution. This enables you to consider alternative scenarios against their (financial) benefits at any time.

An aligned multidisciplinary view is key for a successful operational restructuring

We have a proprietary framework we use to help clients shape and execute operational restructuring of their businesses – the ‘9 Levers of Value’ model (on the right). The application of this model helps to bring the operational setup in line with the changed goals and business model the operational restructuring is aiming for.


The ‘9 Levers of Value’ model

 The ‘9 Levers of Value’ model

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