Operational value chains across organisations have become increasingly complex in recent decades and this interdependency has led to unprecedented pressures on supply chains globally. Over the course of a deal, it is imperative that operations are transitioned with minimal disruption to end customers and that any changes to accommodate the deal are done in a cost-effective manner.

Our dedicated Operations in M&A team within Deal Execution advises clients on realising and maximising deal value while going through complex carve-outs, integrations and restructurings. With our extensive experience in deals, we know what buyers and sellers are looking for through the course of a deal and ensure that operational realities are translated into financial numbers for the deal teams involved. Our specialists are as adept at presenting to an executive team as they are in walking the shop floor.

We operate across the value chain, from procurement and logistics, through the manufacturing and product development processes, all the way to the customer interface. We minimise the disruption to business as usual, while maximising the value from combining or separating assets, people, and processes, throughout the deal cycle.

We can help you across four main business activities:

Integrations and separations: We provide support in identifying the optimal operating model for the operations and supply chain function in a variety of scenarios, such as operating co-located manufacturing facilities over the long term. This includes the set-up of transitional operational models to ensure minimal disruption upon deal closure;

  • Operational due diligence: As part of the buy- or sell-side, we help clients identify relevant operational touchpoints, deal considerations and relevant risks. This includes descriptions of the operating model, utilisation of manufacturing footprint, logistics flows, and operational cost improvement areas;
  • Value creation: Whether it is a rapid strategic turnaround, a requirement to stop operational losses, or a desire to build long-term sustainable EBITDA improvements, our team of experts will enable you to unlock value that already exists within your organisation or holdings;
  • Footprinting: The start-up, relocation or closure of production facilities is a highly complex undertaking and encompasses much more than moving machinery from one location to another. Our team will ensure that a robust achievable plan is in place to help manage the programme and minimise the financial impact. 

How we can help you

Our team is led by experts with experience in operations and process evaluation in an M&A context. We bring industry, strategy and operations experts together in one integrated team. We will also draw on KPMG’s global network of experts on everything from manufacturing to supply chain transformation.