Greenful was founded in 2019 by Toomas Allikas with the aim to solve the European textile waste problem at scale. Greenful is a leading innovator and manufacturer of construction materials made from recycled textile and plastic waste - other waste streams will follow soon. Greenful products are the first to be 100% ecofriendly, outperform traditional building materials, have ⅓ of the CO2 footprint, and are 100% recyclable at the end of life. The materials are very versatile and can be used in the interior and exterior of buildings, flooring, roofing, furniture and many other areas of homes and buildings.

The mission of Greenful is to eliminate textile and plastic waste from the environment, reduce CO2 levels, and transform the construction industry to a more sustainable and circular model. Greenful is building its first factory in the Netherlands in 2024 and plans to expand to 10 full factories across Europe by 2030. These 10 factories will recycle 500,000 tons of textile waste each year, equal to 15% of the European total, and reduce CO2 emissions by 392,000 tons CO2 eq. / year by taking this waste out of incineration. The long-term plan of Greenful is to launch 40 factories in Europe and over 100 factories globally.

KPMG is supporting Greenful in their mission by providing a full range of services including back office accounting and operating, strategic business advisory, fundraising, legal and tax support, IT planning, HR and employment advisory, and many other services to support Greenful’s expansion both in the Netherlands, across Europe and the rest of the world. As a strategic and operating partner, KPMG is well positioned to provide maximum support for Greenful across the service spectrum on a fully integrated, long term basis. A partnership with KPMG provides Greenful credibility when speaking to suppliers, customers and government representatives about our business, helping the firm to build stronger strategic relationships. In 2023 KPMG designated Greenful as one of its Emerging Giants client relationships, indicating the support and confidence of KPMG in Greenful's future success.

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