Half a century ago, KPMG started providing these types of services to leading organizations and launched Compact Magazine, which conveys our knowledge of good practices via articles. Therefore, we will host a celebratory event at the KPMG office in Amstelveen on June 7 2023, between 13:30 and 18:30.

Together with Alexander Klöpping, journalist and tech entrepreneur, we will embark on an interactive time travel journey to evaluate the past, improve the present and learn how to embrace the future of Digital Trust. In workshops, we will explore topics that affect (Digital) Trust, including the future of Cyber, ESG & Data, AI/algorithms, Project Assurance and upcoming EU Acts. These workshops will be interactive, focused on key challenges and exchanging good practices with relevant client cases (a.o. FrieslandCampina, Singapore Centre for Research in Digital Trust, Mastercard).

This event is intended for C-level Management, (Supervisory) Board members and Senior Management responsible for Digital, Data, IT, Operations, Audit, Finance, GRC/Compliance and Transformation Programs.

After participation you will receive an attendance certificate.

13:30    Welcoming reception
14:00    Opening by moderator Marelle van Beerschoten
14:10    Future of Digital Trust by Alexander Klöpping
15:00    Workshops round 1
15:50    Afternoon break
16:20    Workshops round 2
17:05    Plenary wrap-up by moderator Marelle van Beerschoten
17:30    Networking drinks & finger food

Workshop A – Are you already in control of your ESG data?
Sustainability reporting is one of the most important board-level challenges for (large) organizations. There is a growing need for insights and high-quality data, but also for technology to collect, register, control and report on ESG data. Together with our guest speaker from FrieslandCampina, we will guide you through topics such as CSRD, ESG reporting requirements and the use of technology.
By Maurice op het Veld, Vera Moll, Eelco Lambers (KPMG) & Juriaan Duijvestijn (FrieslandCampina)

Workshop B – Can your organization apply data analytics and AI safely and ethically?
The use of data, analytics and AI brings exciting new possibilities and opportunities. This raises new challenges and questions about the risks these technologies pose to individuals, organizations and society. In this workshop, we will discuss ethical dilemmas and use cases from a variety of sectors. Attendees will be engaged in an in-depth dialogue on ethics for your organization and will be provided with practical guidance.
By Ylja Remmits, Marc van Meel & Frank van Praat (KPMG)

Workshop C – How to achieve Digital Trust in practice?
This workshop will explore how Digital Trust can be achieved by a practical implementation approach. This question will be approached from two angles:

  1. Strategy & decision-making: How should Digital Trust be governed, who are the relevant (f)actors for Digital Trust, and how can leaders make the right decisions about Digital Trust?
  2. Technology: What are the technologies we need for Digital Trust, how can Trust Technologies improve collaboration and economic growth, and what are the hurdles that need to be overcome?

This workshop is based on KPMG’s recent work with the World Economic Forum on Digital Trust.
By Augustinus Mohn, Annemarie Zielstra (KPMG) , prof. Lam (Singapore Centre for Research in Digital Trust) & Caroline Louveaux (Mastercard)

Workshop D – How to ensure that your Digital / IT programs deliver high-quality results and benefits?
Significant investments are made in the digital transformation of companies. Successful completion of these IT programs is critical to the future success of companies. Delivering IT programs within budget and on time while realizing the business case remains a challenge. In this workshop we will discuss the latest insights in how to ensure program success and the role of steering cie / C-level / audit cie.
By Stephen van den Biggelaar (KPMG)

Workshop E – How to anticipate upcoming EU data regulations?
In this workshop, we will interactively explore the impact of upcoming EU Digital Single Market regulations on your business processes, systems and controls. We will cover the Data Act, the Data Governance Act, the ePrivacy Regulation, the Digital Market Act, the Digital Services Act and the EU Data Spaces and discuss what these regulations entail, how they interact with one another and how to approach them. 
By Manon van Rietschoten, Arlette Horjus & Peter Kits (KPMG)

If you have any questions you can contact us via Elle Eissens.

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