Transfer Pricing services

Transfer Pricing services

Transfer pricing documentation is becoming an increasingly important issue in Moldova

Transfer pricing documentation is becoming an increasingly important issue in Moldova

In the global economy, multinationals increasingly see national borders as irrelevant to how they conduct their daily business. KPMG’s Transfer Pricing Services practice helps companies develop and implement economically justifiable transfer prices, record policies and outcomes and respond to challenges from the tax authorities.

In Moldova, transfer pricing documentation will become a hot topic in the future. It is expected that Moldova will implement transfer pricing requirememts similar to those already applied in Romania. 

How Can KPMG in Moldova Help Your Business? 

We believe an effective global transfer pricing policy should address many aspects of an organisation’s business. It should encompass not only the arm’s-length pricing of tangible goods and services, but also transfers of intangible assets or group financing, where appropriate. It should incorporate transfer pricing planning and controversy resolutions as well as compliance into the process as necessary. We aim to offer commercially viable and balanced advice, to help you take advantage of opportunities for greater tax efficiency where these exist, as well as helping reduce the risk of challenges from the fiscal authorities.

With a wide network of professionals operating in nearly every region of the world, and supported locally by KPMG’s network of tax professionals throughout its member firms, especially KPMG in Romania, KPMG’s Global Transfer Pricing Services (GTPS) can service your transfer pricing needs in many places around the world where your company does business. 

Why Choose KPMG in Moldova? 

KPMG’s GTPS practice is a multidisciplinary team of economists, tax practitioners and financial analysts throughout KPMG member firms, all dedicated to providing clients with effective transfer pricing documentation worldwide. KPMG in Romania's transfer pricing experience can help you manage your company’s transfer pricing issues by supporting with documentation as well as APAs (advance pricing arrangements) and dispute resolution. 

Benefits to Your Business 

Accurate transfer pricing analysis and documentation, as well as applying for an APA, may be useful tools for managing potential related risks of future transfer pricing adjustments being made by the tax authorities. 

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