Global Compliance Management Services

Global Compliance Management Services

KPMG has a global mindset, cross-border reach & local experience to meet clients’ tax compliance needs wherever they do business, now & in the future.

KPMG has a global mindset, cross-border reach & local experience

Organisations often want a coordinated and consistent approach to global compliance to ensure access to leading practices and effective risk management. From the outset of an engagement, our compliance services establish a core team to provide a single point of contact and manage the overall relationship and services. 

The core team can help ensure processes and procedures are put in place that add value straight away and into the future. Trained in industry best practice for compliance services, project management, and reengineering methodologies, KPMG’s team of professionals work to provide a clear, logical approach to help companies design, implement and manage an outsourcing structure shaped around the specific needs of their organisation.

We are also continuously developing products, searching for efficiency and trying to deal with the new challenges that have been created in dealing with local accounting and tax compliance requirements.It can be hard to achieve the right balance between setting up cost efficient finance organisations and mitigating compliance risks as well as preserving quality services. However, our “Bridge Accounting” services can help clients to achieve that balance and to comply with local accounting requirements in the context of the globalisation and the centralisation of the group’s finance function.

How can KPMG help your business?

KPMG’s compliance services include:

  • Tax compliance and related tax planning.
  • Tax provision preparation.
  • Support during tax authority enquiries and examinations.
  • Statutory accounting, bookkeeping and payroll compliance.
  • “Bridge Accounting.” 
  • Compliance process, technology and controls advice.
  • Project coordination and management.


Our outsourcing professionals think beyond the immediate compliance task to add longer-term value to your organisation through our:

  • Global mindset: Our global service recognises the international reach of today’s businesses, providing effective global client service with local expertise.
  • Forward thinking: KPMG recognises that outsourcing is a major commitment for both parties and should be a long term partnership. We seek to build relationships that can change as you develop and improve your compliance processes and relationship with your regulator for the longer term.
  • Value adding: At KPMG, we won’t relegate your regulatory reporting to a mere process. We aim to provide reassurance around your key filing positions and add value through the identification of better disclosure positions and planning opportunities.

Embedding value wherever possible

Turning knowledge into value for our clients is what differentiates KPMG from other outsourcing service providers. Because our professionals think beyond the immediate compliance task, and can leverage institutional knowledge from throughout the firm, they are well positioned to provide insight and advice around planning, compliance governance and risk management, as well as process and technology consulting. We seek to embed value whenever and wherever possible.

In partnering with KPMG, you can improve your compliance processes, technologies and risk management and meet your global compliance obligations at the same time as freeing-up your tax team to focus on better support for your business, both now and into the future.

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