Dispute Resolution & Controversy Services

Dispute Resolution & Controversy Services

We work with our clients to protect against, prepare for, and resolve disputes with tax authorities.

Information and insights on KPMG’ Dispute Resolution and Controversy Services.


Dealing with tax disputes can mean uncertainty and complexity. Our professionals have the experience to help you take control of the dispute resolution process. 

How can KPMG help your business?

Our Dispute Resolution & Controversy practice works with clients to protect against, prepare for, and resolve disputes with tax authorities. We work with you to help lessen the likelihood of a challenge or audit before a dispute arises. For those matters that ultimately become the subject of a dispute, we work with clients to resolve the dispute efficiently and cooperatively.

Whether your tax issues involve income taxes, transfer pricing, indirect taxes or other taxes, KPMG’s Dispute Resolution & Controversy Services can help.

Our professionals have a deep understanding, based on practical experience, of how best to approach resolution of large, complex tax disputes, including multijurisdictional issues. KPMG can assist in achieving certainty on disputed tax issues quickly and efficiently and in a way that can help build an effective and respectful relationship with the tax authorities.

We help clients who are audited by the tax authorities to reduce the disruption to their activity and to comply with their legal requirements. We also aim to see that tax inspectors carry out their duties correctly, and that they make an accurate assessment, within a reasonable time frame.

Our services include:

  • Conducting a detailed review of the client’s tax situation to identify exposures and taking action to reduce risks of unexpected tax demands and related penalties, before a tax audit starts.
  • On-site discussions with tax inspectors, during tax audits.
  • Review of documents requested by the tax authorities before our clients hand them over to the tax inspectors.
  • Preparation of correspondence with the tax authorities and attendance at meetings with their representatives.
  • In cases of appeals, we help clients present their case while an audit is being carried out, and assist with the appeal process, as appropriate.
  • We can also help with legal actions to prevent enforced collection of taxes in cases where the client challenges the tax authorities’ position.
  • We can offer legal representation in relevant courts.


KPMG’s Dispute Resolution & Controversy professionals have years of experience and extensive knowledge in numerous key industries and sectors. Many have joined us from positions with national tax authorities and government. 


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