Employment and Payroll

Employment and Payroll

Effective management of your company’s payroll is critical to the success of your business.

Effective management of your company’s payroll is critical...

Payroll and HR administration

Staff need to be paid accurately and on time, while the correct taxes and social contributions also need to be paid to the authorities. Mistakes can have serious consequences, ranging from disgruntled employees, to unexpected tax demands. Yet payroll administration is a highly complex and time consuming activity, requiring extensive knowledge of tax and labour legislation, which in Moldova can change frequently, often at short notice.

KPMG in Moldova’s Payroll Services professionals are experts in the field, and can provide a wide range of services to help ease this burden for you, so you can concentrate on commercially productive activity. We offer Payroll Outsourcing, which means you hand over your entire payroll administration process to us. We prepare your monthly payroll statements, as well as calculating and paying salaries, tax and social contributions. Not only does payroll outsourcing save you time and resources, but also it can reduce risk, since we make it our business to be up to date with the latest legislative developments, as well as anticipating future change, where possible. This is why more and more companies on the Moldovan market have seen the advantages of outsourcing their payroll function to KPMG.

As well as offering this ongoing service, we can also provide one-off assistance with aspects of the payroll process. For example, a Payroll Review will investigate whether salaries, income tax and social contributions have been calculated correctly, and whether payments have been made punctually. We can also give general advice on tax and social contributions, assist companies which are being audited by the tax authorities, as well as assessing potential tax risks, for example from benefits in kind or particular types of contract. 

KPMG in Moldova's Payroll services can be provided independently, or as part of a wider package within our integrated People Services, an extensive range of services which help you develop your Human Resoucers function.

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