Indirect Tax services

Indirect Tax

KPMG in Moldova's Global Indirect Tax Services help clients deliver real value to their business from indirect tax.

KPMG in Moldova's Global Indirect Tax Services help clients deliver real value

This professional range of tax combines advanced technical capabilities in indirect tax with detailed understanding of industry and business issues.

We have developed services which are well focused on meeting client needs, such as Opportunity Based Review projects. Our emphasis is on delivering multifaceted approaches to business issues, which can result in real savings for our clients.KPMG’s team of professionals provides clients with approaches to help reduce their exposure to VAT. Through our access to an international network of professionals worldwide, we can also offer a Global Opportunity Based Review – a multi-jurisdictional review of VAT. 

We offer a wide range of indirect tax services in Moldova:

  • Advising businesses and their tax teams on the development and implementation of effective indirect tax management strategies, including appropriate internal controls and cross-jurisdictional compliance.
  • Advising on the indirect tax consequences of entering new markets and undertaking corporate transactions such as global restructuring, mergers, acquisitions and capital reconstructions.
  • Assistance with reducing indirect tax costs and managing transfer-pricing matters and related Goods and Services Tax (GST)/Value Added Tax (VAT) valuation issues.
  • Supporting businesses subject to tax audits or other investigations by tax or customs authorities.

Why indirect tax matters to your business

Indirect taxes ― such as value added taxes, sales taxes, customs duties and excises ― can represent up to a third of a company’s annual turnover.

The amount paid to cover these taxes is rarely highlighted in annual reports. Yet indirect tax raises significant risks for all businesses. Poor indirect tax management can squeeze cash flow, allow the over or underpayment of tax and attract significant penalties for non-compliance.

As companies expand into new markets they invariably encounter cross-jurisdictional issues involving indirect taxes, increasing and complicating their tax risks.

Using tax technology

Our member firms' tax professionals can call on a range of technology tools to help businesses tackle indirect tax issues in single or multiple jurisdictions:

  • Systems to deliver multi-jurisdiction VAT returns and outsourcing arrangements.
  • Tools for evaluating how indirect taxes affect corporate supply chains.
  • Data analysis tools to help reduce inaccuracies in reporting and remitting indirect taxes.

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