International corporate taxation services

International corporate taxation services

KPMG in Moldova's International Tax practice is part of a network of professionals who can provide valuable advice on cross-border tax matters.

KPMG in Moldova's International Tax practice is part of a network of professionals...

In today's economy, multinational companies and their leaders face increasing challenges, which often have an international dimension.

KPMG’s International Tax practice professionals help companies manage the complexities of multiple tax systems and supranational regulation around the world.They are dedicated to enabling the success of your tax future and passionate about helping you find comprehensive approaches in typical business events such as: post acquisition integration and restructuring , expansion, divestment, IPOs and public financing, private finance and refinancing, rationalisation, business change, development and technology as well as digitisation and e-business.They can also draw on KPMG’s network of tax professionals around the world, who have a wide range of specialisms and are able to provide a complete and multidisciplinary perspective to numerous tax challenges. 

How can KPMG help your business?

We work with our clients to help identify wide-ranging commercial strategies to address the tax problems arising from their business activities and ambitions. Our services include advice on key international tax issues such as foreign tax credit and cross-border structured finance tax, compliance and planning assistance in relation to international trade and customs issues, valuations and other economic analysis. 

Why choose KPMG in Moldova?

Our professionals endeavour to exemplify the principle 'think globally, act locally'. We aim to develop tailored strategies to manage the effective tax rate on our clients and facilitate effective implementation of tax planning strategies. Our industry-experienced professionals enable us to support international companies almost anywhere in the world, irrespective of whether they are long-established global players or testing cross-border opportunities for the first time.

Benefits for your business

By providing international corporate tax advice we can help your business achieve lower effective tax rates, resulting in cash flow benefits and enhanced shareholder value.

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