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Stanislas Chambourdon

A message from our Insurance leader, Stanislas Chambourdon

While we might have had different expectations for how we would be spending our summers, I believe there is a lot to take away from these months in crisis. I recently caught up with my colleagues working in the insurance sector to learn how their businesses have evolved due to the Covid-19 crisis. The overarching theme evident during these discussions was the importance of digital transformations. It took until there was no other choice but to go digital for many companies to learn how agile their people and processes are.

As lockdown measures continue to lift, we all agreed focusing resources on continuing digital transformations and strengthening cyber security is as relevant in the insurance sector as it is all other sectors. This is exactly what we are trying to disclose in our insurance briefing. I encourage you to have a look and contact us if you need any additional information. 

To learn more about the issues raised in this edition, or to discuss your organization's unique ESG agenda and roadmap, please contact Stansilas Chambourdon or the individual contributors in this publication.