Our planet is at breaking point.

Rising carbon emissions, wealth disparities and unequal healthcare access, fuelled by political, economic and health crises, are taking a toll on ecosystems and societies. In 2021, global carbon emissions spiked to historic levels — offsetting the pandemic-induced decline from the year before.

Now more than ever, the business community has an opportunity and responsibility to help shape a more sustainable future. This is why KPMG was among the first in our profession to catalogue our ESG commitments and report our progress transparently in Our Impact Plan.

Our Impact Plan holds us accountable for our actions by setting out our commitments to become a better business and by benchmarking our data against the World Economic Forum’s International Business Council metrics.

KPMG: Our Impact Plan 2022 shows you the progress we have made, and how we are working shoulder to shoulder with clients to support them on their own ESG journeys across four pillars: Planet, People, Prosperity and Governance. The time for change is now, and we’re glad we’re at the forefront.

KPMG: Our Impact Plan

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Our highlights at a glance

Progress on our pillars

A brave new world needs bold new ideas. As part of our commitment to become a net-zero carbon organisation by 2030, we have set an Internal Carbon Price that will help us measure and reduce our emissions.

We have also made headway in our net-zero journey with:

  • 18% reduction in net emissions since 2019
  • Increase in renewable electricity usage across our global organisation, from 56% in 2020 to 74% in 2021

From sustaining growth to inspiring change, our people lie at the heart of everything we do. As part of our Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Collective Action Plan we’ve taken key steps towards gender diversity with females representing 48.4% of our workforce. By 2025, we’re aiming to include women in more than one-third of leadership roles.

When it comes to mapping the future, profit and purpose remain at the core of our values. We’re training our more than 236,000 people to become agents of positive change and assisting clients on three pillars of opportunity: ESG transformation, ESG reporting and ESG assurance. On top of this, we are also working to economically empower nearly 10 million disadvantaged young people by 2030 through education, employment and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Good governance principles lead to great outcomes. Beyond providing a robust framework for success, it helps to align the interests of individuals, the organisation and wider society. On our end, we’ve worked with the World Economic Forum to set International Business Council metrics for ESG reporting. We’ve also accepted roles at the International Integrated Reporting Council, the Financial Stability Board’s Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures and the Taskforce for Nature-related Disclosures.

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