Sri Lanka’s Real estate has received increased attention over the last few years. Improving economic activities in the urban cities of Sri Lanka, is posing challenges and opportunities. The Government of Sri Lanka is expecting the urbanization rate to increase 3 – 4% per annum from now on, which has been negative during the 30 years of conflict moves towards a highly diversified economy, the role of the real estate sector will become increasingly critical. 

How KPMG Can help?

KPMG’s Real Estate Advisory practice is committed in advising corporate institutions and individuals in identifying, evaluating real estate opportunities and enhancing returns on real estate investments. With a broad network abreast of the changing market dynamics, the firm advices clients on a range of options and assisting in executive client’s real estate strategies quickly and with the appropriate structures.

The Real Estate Advisory Services Practice provides advice on;

  • Provides Research Reporting on the Real Estate Market
  • Buy side services relating to acquisitions of real estate assets
  • Sell side services relating to disposals of real estate assets
  • Advise on structuring, financing and sale-leaseback services pertaining to real estate transactions
  • Analysis and valuation of real estate investments and portfolios
  • Project management advise to better manage risk and enhance returns from real estate investments. 

You can read the Sri Lanka Luxury Real Estate Report here.

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